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"Beyond HIPAA"
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"Democratized privacy-first tools-access."

Personal and/or commercial. Same low price. NO ads. 100% full-featured premium videochat app.

Our aim with Talamyte is to be the best in class remoting videochat platform. Price. Performance. Features. FREE 10-Day Trial.

It costs us a ton of money to maintain our platforms. But you pay only $1/month at 99% off (regular $99-299/mo).

Tired of companies selling your data? We never sell or rent your data to anyone for any reason. Plus, full privacy GDPR, CCPA and other assured privacy concerns are addressed up-front with the tightest database-at-rest (critical obfuscation), data-in-flight (using keystores) & advanced "beyond HIPAA" application-level security.

A Better Videochat + Much More

We've re-imagined what a much better videochat system looks like and are now offering it in general public release.

myTasker Project Management (PM) & myka Learning Management (mLMS) - Add in-depth kanban-based project-management & LMS capabilities to your remote teams, teachers, instructors, students, employees & staff. Publish & earn 90% from your own courses as well. Videochat-integrations and other advanced integrations & much more!


Host + Join 

Host and join meetings from the web from anywhere on your phone, web or tablet! 
See all the features to the left and also in the Details section. 

We're a SMB who are making sure you come first.
Please demand your privacy from everyone.
We deliver it end-to-end without question. US-based servers & global CDN delivery systems.


NEW full-featured project management & LMS (take & publish your own courses earning 90% gross). You can use any one of these in combination with our Talamyte videochat remoting platform to be even more productive. Workspaces, users (admins, instructors, teachers, students, staff), projects, clients, invoice your clients, use Stripe or PayPal to receive payments and much more. We're very excited to be able to offer you this right now!
Details - Project Mgmt 
Details - Learning Mgmt


Zero to little training is required on our platform. That's how easy we've made it. We're serious. Try it and you'll see what we mean.


All the features you get in other similar much more expensive videochat + chat remoting & virtualizing systems software that are at least 15 times more expensive. 

E2E Safety

It must be black and white. Way beyond HIPAA. True end-to-end encryption. We're transparent, auditable and protect you at all costs from privacy intrusions and breaches.



✅ Family calls
✅ Any video meeting 
✅ Live class
✅ Webinar
✅ Online training
✅ Web conference
✅ ... and much more!


✅ Pay ONLY $1/mo (data retention)
✅ NO ads ever!
✅ FREE video & audio calls
✅ Chat during meetings
✅ We NEVER share your data
✅ Encryption during call
✅ Encryption in database-at-rest  
✅ Google & email logins
✅ Create mtg & share codes 
✅ Join meeting without login
✅ Live streaming to YouTube
✅ PW-protected rooms
✅ Schedule mtg & cal add
✅ Rejoin previous meetings
✅ High-quality audio/video
✅ Secure and encrypted call
✅ Unlimited participants
✅ Meeting app for Android
✅ Meeting app for iOS
✅ Host & join mtg from web
✅ Multipurpose meetings
✅ Highly configurable
✅ Login Enable/Disable
✅ Mtg ID protection
✅ Meeting history
✅ Fully GDPR compliant
✅ ...and much more!

Learning Mgmt (LMS)

☑️ myka
☑️ An Infinitas Cloud app
☑️ Take Amazing Courses
☑️ Publish your own courses!
☑️ Fantastic courses to learn now
☑️ Many FREE courses
☑️ Deals, specials & discounts
☑️ Publish your own courses
☑️ Earn 90% per course
☑️ Zoom LIVE-interaction integrations
☑️ Learn on web, iOS & Android
☑️ ... and much more!
☑️ Access Now


✅ Eye-catching design
✅ Brand-new UI
✅ Highly-responsive layout
✅ Easy setup

Project Mgmt (PM)

☑️ myTasker
☑️ An Infinitas Cloud app
☑️ $1/user per month (data retention)
☑️ Extended plans with more features
☑️ Light & dark mode
☑️ Practical dashboard
☑️ Easy access to all tools
☑️ Multiple languages
☑️ Project Search tab
☑️ Kanban board
☑️ Project timesheets
☑️ Project expenses (add attachments)
☑️ Attach files
☑️ Create milestones
☑️ Assign subtasks
☑️ Multiple users/project
☑️ Multiple clients/project
☑️ Client login
☑️ Client can pay invoices 
☑️ Client pmt by Stripe & Paypal
☑️ Personalize notes 
☑️ Categorize Notes
☑️ 10 PDF templates
☑️ Customize invoices
☑️ In-workspace chat/messaging
☑️ ... and much more!
☑️ Access Now

Human Support

✅ We provide fast support 
✅ Human beings helping you
✅ Alexa (AI voice assistant skill)
✅ Google Assistant helper
✅ Published SLA & uptime LIVE stats

Huge Sale

Per User & No Ads


All Features

10-Day Free Trial

No Commitments

24/7/365 Support

Tuts & Docs

No Bandwidth Throttling

End-to-End Secured

(see detailed features for more)




per month


Per User & NO Ads


All Features

10-Day FREE Trial

Minimum & Per 10 Users

24/7/365 Support & SLA

Regular Updates

Tuts & Docs

E2E Security

(see detailed features for more)




per month

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